Driving Lessons

Manual and Automatic lessons in and around Radstock, Shepton Mallet, Bath and South Bristol

Learn Manual

Learning to drive by mastering the 3 pedals and smooth clutch control. Gain a full UK driving licence by passing your test with Mendip Training.

Learn Auto

Learning to drive with just 2 pedals. Learn how to drive in just the same way as in a manual but without the worry of stalling or changing gears.

Learn Truck

Passed the car tests? What next? Why not get into HGV's or Buses? With our brand 'Truck School', you will be well prepared for driving larger vehicles for Horse transport or general haulage. Trust Truck School

Our Successes

Great test pass results from a great team of instructors

Harrison - Kingswood

14 July 2020

Harrison was our first test pass since the lock down restrictions were relaxed. With face masks being worn, Harrison took both his class 2 test and also his Mod 4 CPC test and passed both FIRST TIME.

Andrew - Kingswood

14 July 2020

Andrew started his 2 day training course with Truck School and took his car and trailer test today. He was amongst the first of the driving tests since lock down restrictions were relaxed and why not start with style by passing FIRST TIME.

Paul - Kingswood

17 March 2020

Paul moved to the area from Manchester and found driving in a rural location quite different. He needed his driving licence for his work role and he did really well under the pressure. Well done Paul.

Why Mendip Training?

Great experience

Our driving instructors combine to give you a vast amount of experience. This experience is what makes our team some of the highest qualified instructors in the area. Bringing together this experience from fleet driver training to HGV driver training,you will gain the best possible instruction and learn from all perspectives.

High Pass Rates

With our client centric learning methods, you will learn to drive at your pace. This makes the learning experience more enjoyable and as such you will be better prepared to pass your driving test.

Structured Lessons

Client centric learning is a coaching method aimed at delivering lessons suited to your needs. However, there must still be some structure to enable learning to take place. Using up to date methods, your learning will be structured around your individual needs.

Learn With Us

and be more likely to pass FIRST TIME

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