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Automatic Driving lessons


Learn to drive in an automatic transmission car with Mendip Training Centre.

We currently have no availability for automatic driving lessons. July 2021

With ever-increasing traffic and junction after junction, you may find learning to drive an automatic car more simple. Although the driving test is exactly the same as the manual test, you will not need to demonstrate any clutch control and there is no risk of the car stalling on you during a manouevre or pulling away from a hill start.

Don't be misled though. The test is no easier and judgements on the road are still needed. The marking sheet will be completed in exactly the same way as a manual test but for some people, one less thing to think about during lessons and the test just makes it seem a simpler way to go.

If you think that Automatic lessons are for you, hit the link below to find out pricing and get in contact to see if we can cover your area for driving lessons in an auto.

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