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Trailer Training

As part of the Mendip Training Centre group, our car and trailer training runs alongside our own Truck School. For car and trailer lessons in Radstock, choose Mendip Training Centre Ltd to take you through your car and trailer test. Gain your B+E driving licence and be able to tow larger trailers.
Passed car test after Jan 1997


If you passed your car driving test after Jan 1997, you will be able to tow trailers up to 3500kg MAM. The rules have changed in relation to gaining the B+E (car and trailer) licence and any driver who passed their car test after Jan 1997 will automatically be given this entitlement on their licence. This will show on the physical licence if ever the driver sends of for a replacement photo card. Until then, the entitlement will show on the digital copy of the licence on the website database.

We strongly recommend that you check your entitlements before towing unsupervised to ensure entitlements are there. This will ensure that you are towing both legally and insured.

We would also strongly recommend getting some tuition as towing a trailer is not necessarily something that comes naturally to all drivers. The added weights and stopping distances along with the additional length can make for some challenging situations on the road. Different speed limits and loading can affect the driving and we would suggest some professional training before embarking on any towing even though there is now no need to take a test to gain the entitlement.

Passed car test before Jan 1997


If you passed your car driving test before Jan 1997, you will have acquired rights to tow. To get experience in towing caravans or larger trailers, contact Mendip Training and you can go through a refresher course to hone those skills. You will be put through your paces for the reverse and also be shown the correct and safe uncoupling procedure.

You will then be able to tow your own caravan or horse trailer with more confidence.

With access to a private dedicated reversing area, you will gain one to one training in a safe, off-road environment. Tow trailers, caravans or horse boxes with confidence with Mendip Training Centre Ltd.

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