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Fleet School

Our Fleet driver training is delivered to your specifications. If you want your drivers to be assessed in their normal company vehicle or in ours, we will adapt each company agreement to suit individual needs. Our Fleet qualified DVSA approved driving instructors will coach your team to get the best and safest out of them for their assessment whilst fulfilling your own company Health and Safety Risk assessment requirements.
What is Fleet?


All employers large or small have a duty to maintain Health and Safety in the workplace. Unfortunately, the vast majority of on-road collisions involve someone who is driving for work purposes. This is not to say that they are always at fault but due to the nature of their job, they may spend more time on the road and therefore, statistically, they are more likely to be involved one way or the other.

Fleet trained driving instructors take company drivers out and help them to understand safer driving methods and enhance their driving skills through better observations at junctions and/or more efficient driving through forward planning.

Along with the savings made financially through reduced driver and vehicle downtime following an on-road collision, savings can also be made through fuel efficiency. This has been known to be around 10% in fuel cost savings made after a programme of driver assessments.

You will also be fulfilling your obligations as an employer in maintaining Heath and Safety standards in the workplace.

What is 'Grey Fleet'?


Some companies believe that as they do not operate with company cars, they do not require any form of Health and Safety cover for their drivers.

Grey fleet is where a worker will use their own vehicle for work purposes. This could be attending meetings or training but it could also include a 5 minute drive to the corner shop for milk and coffee.

These drivers require driving assessments just as much and in some cases more and the company need to record and monitor the roadworthiness of the vehicle used if it is used for work purposes. Alongside the driver and their driving habits, the company should also ensure the vehicle is insured for work duties whilst being used during work time.

Driver Behind Wheel
Sports Car in Storm
Some of our previous customers

We have completed a number of Fleet training contracts from Window installers in their own vans to HGV assessments in both class 2 and class 1 lorries. We have also completed driver assessments for Medical Patient ambulance drivers.

Each contract had it's own challenges from simply fulfilling an already existing driving for work policy to fully implementing and monitoring driving for work policies.

Please get in touch if you want to discuss how Mendip Traiing Fleet can help you and your business.

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