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Manual Driving lessons

Stick Shift

Learn to drive in a manual car

Pass your driving test in a manual car and you will be able to drive both manual and automatic on the road. This licence will allow you to drive up to a 3.5t vehicle and be able to tow a small trailer behind (see towing school for info). Take lessons in 2-hour slots to get you to your driving test in the quickest but safest manner.

Take lessons either once per week or if your diary allows, you can take more. There is no need to have passed your theory test before starting your driving lessons, however, we do recommend to get revising as you can not take a practical test without having first passed the theory test. For help and guidance on your theory revision, contact Mendip Training and we can assist you.

If you think that Manual lessons are for you, hit the link below to find out pricing and get in contact to see if we can cover your area for driving lessons..

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