100% FIRST TIME pass for Rob Coles

Rob Coles took both his mod 4 CPC test and his class 2 driving test today and passed both at the FIRST TIME attempt. Rob's trainer, Duncan received a call this morning to see if they could go into test a little earlier and instead of doing the driving test this morning and the CPC test this afternoon, as the examiner was free, could they get in and do the CPC test followed directly by the driving test. Both Rob and Duncan were happy to do this and so the tests started.

The first success was that Rob answered the examiner so well for his CPC mod 4 test that he achieved the full 100% score. A pass certificate for this test was duly issued and Rob then signed in with the same examiner for his driving part. This started with the reverse and then they went out on the road. After the full test time had completed, they returned to the test centre and Duncan walked up to the truck to get the result. Not only had Rob passed, but he passed with no driver faults at all. This was a clean sheet test and a perfect drive.

Hats off to both Rob and his trainer, Duncan for the great training given and to Rob for listening well.

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