Kyle passes FIRST TIME and beats his brother too

Kyle Weller took and passed his driving test yesterday. Kyle is part of the family business in the post office and shop opposite our own site in Gurney Slade. Kyle and his brother both learnt to drive with Paul, but Kyle's brother was able to pass just a little quicker, having passed a few months back.

So upon returning to the shop after the test, there was a little brotherly rivalry and Kyle told his brother that he had actually failed. This was the news he wanted to hear and he started rubbing it in... Better luck next time.... Knew you wouldn't do it... The normal stuff.

Then Kyle told the truth that he had actually passed and not only had he passed FIRST TIME, just like his brother, Kyle gained one fault fewer than his brother, just drumming home how the rivalry is rife in the family.

Whatever happens now, we know that both brothers are safe drivers, having passed with Belt up.. Next argument is who will get the car to use first.. Best of luck with that argument lads!

Kyle Weller passed his driving test with Belt Up School of Motoring


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