Car and trailer test pass

Today saw John Bolwell take and pass his car and trailer test in the Bristol Kingswood driving test centre.

The car and trailer test is called the B+E test. This enables drivers, who passed their driving test after January 1997 to tow larger trailers behind their cars. This can be caravans, horse trailers or perhaps catering trailers.

Drivers who passed their car test before January 1997 have what we call, acquired rights on their licence, allowing them to tow these types of trailers. Without the B+E entitlement on your licence, you are limited to towing a small trailer of maximum weight 750 kg.

There are a couple of combinations of car size to trailer size that will allow some drivers to pull slightly larger trailers but as a basic rule of thumb, if the trailer has a handbrake, it will be larger than the 750kg max and so you will 'probably' need the B+E on your licence to pull that trailer.

John now does not need to worry about this as he has passed!

Well done!


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