Car and trailer test pass

John Farrel, who works for BANES council took and passed his car and trailer test today. This was the second attempt as on the first, we had some issues!!

John had not reversed with a trailer before and to say that he struggled with this was an understatement. After 4 hours of training, he still was not getting it. Nevertheless, other training needed to be done and so they set off for the driving side of things. Johns driving was not too shabby and so they returned to see if any of the reversing had sunk in. Nope!!

On day 2, more training was required and John was still not getting the reverse independently. Time was ticking and the test was looming and so they needed to move on and complete the rest of the training. Not holding out much hope, Daren, our trainer and John, set out to attend the test. Who would have believed it? He nailed the reverse first time, without even a wobble. The uncouple went swimmingly and so off they went for the drive.

Unfortunately, John was recorded driving a little faster than the speed limit on his test and so after all the stress of the reversing, he failed due to this.

Today was the retest for John. He arrived and as normal, recapped over the reverse and uncoupling procedure in our yard. It was chucking it down and Daren had to even swap out his shoes for waterproof boots! Off to test and this time, he got it all!! The reverse, the uncoupling and also the driving. One test pass certificate later and a good lesson learnt.

Well done John.

John Farrell Car and trailer test pass with Belt Up School of motoring Ltd


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