A perfect drive for Matt passing FIRST TIME

Matt Blay took and passed his class 2 (Cat C) HGV test today at the FIRST TIME attempt.

Following our normal routine of 3 full days of training, today (the 4th day) was test day. We normally carry out the vehicle checks on test day so that our candidates are fully prepared for the show tell questions. Then on to the reversing practice. Unlike many other schools, we make sure we practice this manoeuvre each day several times. As there are so many variables because of a slightly different starting position or a slightly different angle, we ensure our candidates are the best prepared for every eventuality. After the reversing practice, we head off into the test areas to put the finishing touches onto the driving. We make sure that our candidates complete the MSM routines properly and put them through their paces with a few tight turns and some tricky multi laned roundabouts. Then it is into the test centre to show the examiner what they are made of.

Matt went into the test and came back with no faults at all. It was a perfect drive in the examiners opinion. This is testament to the good training given by our Truck School trainers and also to Matt, who delivered everything the examiner wanted.

Well done you!

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