Alex and his trailer test

Alex Hill of the Mendip Shooting ground took and passed his car and trailer test today at what is almost his FIRST TIME attempt.....

Alex has had a little bit of bad luck with this test. Firstly, he has been cancelled by DVSA due to the lockdowns. Then we got a test date but were told that the car and trailer tests were not restarting until the car tests restart. So Alex was delayed again...

Then, Alex got to his car and trailer test due to start at 11.50 but at 11.48, realised he did not have his driving licence with him.....

So Alex returned to the test centre with his driving licence and completed the reversing manoeuvre. He then went on to do the uncouple and recouple. He misunderstood one of the questions by the examiner and failed due to not checking his lights worked as part of the re couple.

Alex got to the test centre today with his driving licence and with his confidence to check the lights of the trailer and not to get confused with what was being asked....... He completed the reverse and then set out on the road for the driving element of the test. Once returned to the test centre, it was just the uncoupling and re coupling to do... He made sure the lights were checked and hey presto.... one pass certificate.

To top it all, Alex passed this test with no driving faults at all. This is what we call a 'clean sheet'.

Great news for us and great news for Alex.

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