Another FIRST TIME car and trailer test pass

Victor Craescu came to Truck School for his car and trailer training. He needed this licence so that he could tow larger trailers behind his car.

We trained in the rain for the reverse and uncouple before heading off into test area for the driver training part. Victors driving was generally good, although a little fast in places.

Today amidst the storm, Victor returned for his second day which included a refresher of the reverse and the uncoupling before getting into the test centre for his B+E test.

There was a new examiner at the test centre and so we did not know how he would conduct the test. Although driving examiners have to follow certain rules and protocols, each examiner does have their own little ways of conducting the tests.

There was no need to worry though ad Victor came back with a pass certificate and a new entitlement on his licence.

Well done to his trainer, Su, who has done another great job in helping us achieve such a good FIRST TIME pass rate.

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