Anthony passes in time for Lockdown

Anthony Vassali came to Truck School as another member of his family passed with us not so long ago. Anthony had already passed his theory and hazard perception test but was yet to complete his CPC Case studies.

Nevertheless, Anthony wanted to get his practical driver training booked in. Whilst waiting, Anthony went in and passed his CPC Case studies test too.

His training started last week on Thursday. We only train one to one in Truck School and we train for around 6 hours per day. So Anthony was ready enough for his test.

Yesterday, Anthony realised that he hadn't actually booked his Mod 4 CPC and so we set about trying to find a test date. There were no Mod 4 tests available and with the new November lockdown approaching, it didn't look as though we would be able to get things sorted. However, we used our experience and knowledge and were able to request that DVSA put a Mod 4 test on for the morning. SO Anthony had minimal training on this before going in for his Mod 4 test. He passed that FIRST TIME with a modest 80% score. Next was the driving test. The pressure was on but Anthony impressed the examiner and came back with a Blue driving test pass certificate alongside his pink CPC Mod 4 pass certificate.

Well done to Anthony and also his trainer.

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