Barry passes his class 1 test FIRST TIME today.

Barry came to Truck School to upskill his class 2 licence to join the big boys on the artic. Our 5 day course consists of reversing, uncoupling, re coupling and of course, the driver training.

We make sure to really go through the reversing and the uncoupling every day of training as there are so many variables, we want our candidates to be ready for what ever happens.

Each day, Barry got better and better and today was the fifth day which would end with the practical driving test. He attended with Duncan, our artic lorry trainer and was met by the examiner. He completed the reversing exercise and then was asked to do the uncoupling and re coupling procedure. Then, it was just the driving to do. After around an hour of driving, there was the slow drive back to the driving test centre through the very busy traffic. This did not put him off though and he kept his concentration levels up, right to the last moment when the examiner said those all important words, 'I'm pleased to tell you that you have passed'.

After a little paperwork, Barry was passed his test pass certificate and the only thing that was left, was to pose for the photo.

Great drive!

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