Beth and her Class 2

Beth Cooper came to Truck School as she needed her HGV licence for a horse lorry. She booked her training and test before she had actually passed her theory tests. That's the confidence we like to see. Beth passed her theory tests and so the training was on.

Beth lives a fair distance from the training yard and so it was a really early start for her each day in order to get to the training for 7am. Beth managed it each day and she took onboard her training.

Beth did not pass her test first time and so we managed to get her in for a cancellation today. Su, Beth's trainer met her at the yard for 9.30 and after a little refresher before the test, it was off to the test centre to take the test.

Currently, if a candidate fails, the test is cut short to prevent the increased risk of Covid, however today, Beth was out on the road for the full amount of time and she returned to the test centre to receive her blue test pass certificate.

Well done to Beth.

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