Car and Trailer test pass FIRST TIME

Well done to Matthew Flood who took and passed his car and trailer test today at his FIRST TIME attempt.

Matthew came to us yesterday to start his 2 day training and met this morning to put the finishing touches to his drive all ready for the driving test.

Matthew started with the uncouple and re couple and then onto the reversing exercise. Out on the road for around an hour of driving and back to the test centre.

Matthews boss even turned up tot he test centre to give some last minute words of wisdom. That consisted of him saying 'I passed first time, so you should - no pressure!!'

There was no need for this nice reassuring pep talk as Matthew did pass and gained just 3 driver faults throughout the entire test. It would be interesting to find out how many faults the boss got during his test to see just who was the better driver!!!

Well done.

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