Class 1 pass FIRST TIME

Ian Cockram wanted to take his class 1 driving test and so we set about helping him out.

Ian held his car licence but had not taken his class 2, so Ian would be taking advantage of the new rules about not having to take the class 2 test first.

However, he still needed to take the theory tests so first things first. Ian passed them with no problem and he progressed through the system.

We are not just putting people into the class 1 artic lorry. We feel the step is too much for most drivers and so Ian took the class 2 course first. Whilst doing this class 2 training, Ian completed his mod 4 CPC test, which he passed FIRST TIME with full 100% score.

So naturally, Ian progressed to the next step - the artic driving course. Ian was ready to take the reverse and uncoupling test on day 2 of the course. As we are now accredited to deliver this element of the procedure, we can have some flexibility on when candidates take this test. Ian completed the test and passed and we duly handed over a 3A reverse manoeuvres certificate. Ian would need this to be able to take the driving test on his day 4.

Day 4 arrived and off to test he went. A pretty good drive was given as Ian only accumulated ONE driver fault during the driving test. With this in mind, the examiner handed over the 3B blue driving test pass certificate and so Ian is now a fully qualified class 1 artic driver with his CPC in hand. He is ready to choose the type of driving he wants whether that be quarry tippers or supermarket distribution.

Good luck Ian for whatever you decide to do.

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