Corey passes class 2 with no faults

Corey Paul drives concrete pumps for work. A strange rule allows them to drive larger lorries on the road with their car licence as the pumps are classed as 'plant vehicles'.

So driving the larger vehicles was not new to Corey. However, he did need to get back into the swing of driving properly for his test.

Corey listened well and he only needed 3 practice goes at the reverse manoeuvre before taking that test. He was given his reverse certificate by our accredited examiner.

Then on to the driving and Corey had an early start on Saturday morning as he needed to be at the test centre for an 8.10 test.

After an hour, he returned to the driving test centre and the examiner gave him his blue test pass certificate and mentioned that he had no recorded faults.

Well done Corey.

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