Curtis Passes his Mod 4 FIRST TIME

Curtis Buffey came to Truck School having already booked his theory and Hazard perception test. He wanted us to help him with his practical driving. We asked if he needed the driver CPC and as he did, we advised him to book the CPC Case studies for the same day as his theory and hazard perception test to save on having to go back.

As Curtis passed his theory, hazard perception and his CPC Case studies test FIRST TIME, he was then on to doing the practical. We arranged for a half day of training ready for the early morning CPC test. He passed that FIRST TIME in the sun scoring a whopping 95%.

He then continued the rest of the day training in the truck for his practical test. Three full days of training and he was ready for his test on the fourth day. Unfortunately, Curtis misread a lane marking and he was not successful on his practical test. Luckily though, we were able to get Curtis in for a Saturday test, which was today!!!

A little brushing up and then into test he went. This time, he nailed it....

Well done Curtis. A great drive.

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