Dan passes his B+E FIRST TIME with no faults

Dan Smith from the Milk Station Company passed his car and trailer test FIRST TIME with Truck School on Friday. He did so well that he managed to pass with no faults at all.

We got this message this morning from him, which says it all really.

"Dan here from Milk Station Company here, I passed my car + trailer with Sue on Friday last week. Just wanted to send a brief message to say thank-you for letting me know about the course, especially in these uncertain times, it was massively appreciated and how fun it was! Sue was great across both days, she was a blast. Absolutely made up to have passed, and with no minors! Would love a copy of the photo she took if that’s possible? More than happy for you guys to use it on socials etc if wanted. Will have to consider class 2 next! Thanks again and all the best, Dan"

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