Dan passes his car and trailer test FIRST TIME

Dan Maclellan took and passed his car and trailer test with Truck School FIRST TIME.

Dan is the captain of a dredging boat running up and down the severn clearing it of silt and sand for the bigger boats to use the estuary safely. His knowledge and skills played no part in this at all as driving a car and trailer is completely different to piloting a dredging boat!!!

Nevertheless, Dan showed good skills as he reversed the car and trailer into position using one of the 2 allowed shunts and he did the uncouple and re couple well.. He gained no faults at all on the driving element of the test.

The only fault he gained during the test was for the shunt during the reverse and so this was so close to being a clean sheet pass. Oh well. I suppose we will have to accept the one fault given.

Well done Dan.

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