Don't get caught out.

Do you know what the national speed limit for your vehicle is?

Some people break the law by speeding without knowing it!

The national speed limit changes depending on what vehicle you are driving. If you are driving a car or a motorcycle on a dual carriageway, the national speed limit will be 70mph.

However if you are towing a caravan or a trailer, the national speed limit lowers to 60mph. This speed limit of 60mph on dual carriageways also applies to buses and coaches. If you are driving one of these vehicles, the national speed limit will be 60mph but in the UK, the vehicle will also have a mechanical limiter to restrict them slightly more to 56mph.

If you are on a single carriageway, the limits change again. The national speed limit for cars/motorcycles on a single carriageway road with a national speed limit is 60mph, when the national speed limit for buses, coaches and vans is 50mph.

Many van drivers are unaware of this change in their limit as you can drive a van up to 3.5t on a normal car licence. There are many workmen and other drivers that drive whilst being blissfully unaware of the rules. Strangely though, a Van driver can go to the maximum speed limit of 70mph whilst on a motorway. This matches the speed restriction for cars and motorcycles.

The moral of the story is to know your limits! Check out the official highway code information under rule 125 >>HERE<<.

Fun fact.... Did you know that mobility scooters are allowed on dual carriageways?? Class 3 mobility scooters can legally travel at a maximum speed of 8mph whilst on the road network. They will be registered with DVLA and also have a registration number (not that they need to display it). The only additional thing a mobility scooter rider needs to do whilst on a dual carriageway is to display a flashing amber light. As these scooters normally have indicators on them, all the rider must do is to turn on the hazard lights and off they go... So watch out, next time you're up to the max limit for your vehicle as you may need to dodge a scooter!

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