Double FIRST TIME pass for Ryan Tiley

Ryan came to Truck School to complete his HGV driver training. He was offered dates for both his driving test and his Mod 4 test but unfortunately had to be delayed due to the lockdowns.

We were able to go through the list of people who were cancelled off due to lockdown and we offered training dates out in the order that they were cancelled. We felt this was the only fair way to offer training out.

So Ryan came to us on Thursday of last week to start his driver training. He trained on Thursday, Friday, Monday and today was the moment we had all been waiting for...

Firstly, Ryan needed to take his Mod 4 CPC test. This was scheduled for around 10am and not too soon after the test had started, we got a great picture of Ryan holding his pass certificate. 100% score on the test. This is a true testament to the level of training we offer at Truck School.

Then after a very short wait, Ryan was out on the road with the examiner showing off his driving skills. Ryan returned after completing the full time on the test with another pass certificate. A Double Whammy.

Good luck with your driving career, Ryan.

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