Ellen passes class 2 FIRST TIME

Nervous Ellen Davis took and passed her class 2 driving test today at the FIRST TIME attempt. Ellen was nervous, even though she passed her reverse test yesterday FIRST TIME and her CPC test too, FIRST TIME with a full 100% score......

Really, there was no need to be nervous. Ellen has listened and reacted to all of her training and did such a good job during her drive that the examiner could only find one driver fault to record.

Ellen had previously taken her car and trailer test with Mendip Towing Training, this is a different company to us but this set the base for her great driving today. Ellen had been taught to such a high standard for her car and trailer test that when she came to us, all we really had to do was get her used to a larger vehicle. She put all of the skills learnt into practice and passed everything FIRST TIME.

Now Ellen is getting ready to drive her dad's cattle lorry for work on her sheep and cattle farm.

All the best Ellen!

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