Ellie passes before lockdown

Ellie trained with another driving instructor but when she told the instructor of the time of her test, they said they could not attend. It was for an 8.20am test so I can understand the instructor not wanting to do a test that early but it did leave Ellie in a bit of a panic.

Her mum got hold of Mendip Training and explained the situation. We decided to go for an hour long assessment drive to see what her driving was like and make a judgement based on that. The assessment went well and it proved that the other instructor had done a good job with Ellie's driving. So it was agreed that we would do another session in and around test area to see how she coped with the busy roundabouts and box junctions etc.

Again, Ellie drove really really well so it was agreed that we would start at 6.30am for her test session. After a lovely drive into Bristol, after the car had defrosted, we refreshed on as many of the reverse manoeuvres that we could and then headed over to refresh on the use of bus lanes and box junctions. There was a little moment where Ellie got confused but rather get confused and mess up before the test than do it on the test. So into the test centre we went and wearing the coronavirus mask protection, Ellie started her test, leaving our instructor out in the cold! After around 40 minutes they returned to the test centre and Ellie had to end up by reversing into a car parking space. She did it with ease and the examiner told her the good news that she had passed. Just in time for the November lockdown too.

Well done Ellie and enjoy your newly found freedom for the lockdown!

Ellie did not want her picture taken for the blog.

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