First class FIRST TIME class 1 pass

Nigel Ostler came to Truck School through Farm Foods distribution and their ongoing recruitment campaign.

Nigel has been a class 2 (rigid Lorry) driver for a number of years but the opportunity came for him to upgrade his licence with the help of Farm Foods.

Nigel first had the barrier of passing the reverse manoeuvres test with us. We are accredited to deliver this element of the qualification process ourselves so normally the pressure is a little less than going into the test centre for it. However, this time, we were having an audit of our procedures and accreditation by DVSA. So not only was our accredited examiner watching him complete the exercises, he also had a DVSA representative watching over it too.

No worries though. Nigel took his time and got the reverse into the bay and he then completed the uncoupling and re coupling procedure. A well deserved pass certificate was handed out and we also had a pass with flying colours for our audit too.

So next onto the driving. What was there to be worried about??? Nigel literally flew through the test, driving for around an hour and during that time, the examiner could not fault him at all. It was a clean sheet test pass and more testament to the training given by our team of trainers.

Well done to Nigel for this achievement and best of luck with Farm Foods.

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