FIRST TIME artic pass

Harry Brean needed his class 1 licence for a new job that he started late last year. He took and passed his theory tests first time and so the race was on to get him in for his training and test.

Even though the rules have changed and you can now go straight into the artic, without first taking the rigid lorry test, we don't feel that is the safest thing to do. SO we saw Harry for some training in the rigid lorry first.

Harry has experience in driving larger vehicles as he is in the agricultural trade and so driving a lorry was not a new thing for him. He breeze through the rigid lorry training and so we put him into the artic.

Again, no real training was needed for the reverse as he has been reversing tractor and trailer for a while. He flew through that test, which also included the uncoupling procedure.

Harry's test was booked for Wednesday of this week, but again, due to covid, this was cancelled. Luckily, the wait was not too long as we found a test available for today. With a little bit of diary shuffling, the date was set and so Harry met us to drive in and get ready for the driving test.

Harry was out for the full driving test time and he managed to gain just 4 driver faults. New rules allow up to 12 faults, so Harry was well within this limit. A pass certificate later and Harry was on his way back.

Mod 4 CPC on Tuesday!!

Well done Harry.

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