FIRST TIME artic test for Kyle Sykes

Kyle Sykes decided to take up the challenge of training for his articulated licence. He currently drives Class 2 and so is reasonably accustomed to driving larger vehicles.

I saw Kyle on day 3 of his training and I saw him doing the uncoupling and recoupling along with the reverse. To me, even on day 3, he seemed very confident and competent in his control of the vehicle.

Today was the day that it all needed to come together as he demonstrated his skills to the driving examiner.

What a drive it was too... Only 2 driver faults throughout the entire test so pretty good stuff. Great training from Duncan too as he passed his expertise and knowledge on to this new driver.

Kyle says he will be staying with I J McGills as a driver as the haulage industry continues to make headlines with increasing wages and better conditions. He accepts that the salary will not be of the top end people are reading about but he says that loyalty goes a long way and he will be staying there for the time being.

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