FIRST TIME car and trailer test pass

A huge congratulations to Thomas for passing his car and trailer test today at the FIRST TIME attempt.

Thomas' company paid for this training and they wanted to use their own vehicle for the training and test. We asked for them to ensure the electrics worked for the trailer, for them to bring a matching rear number plate for use on our trailer and also to ensure the vehicle was cleaned for COVID reasons.

Well, the one thing we didn't count on was the vehicle having a european electric 12 pin socket. Our trailer runs on a UK 7 pin socket. So on the first day of training, there was a little running around to get an adapter.

All was sorted and training continued to a high standard. So high that the test went off with a bang today as Thomas came back with a pass certificate. He did get a telling off from the examiner as we had told him he was weak on his mirror checking but he continued to be weak on this through his test. The examiner gave him a suitable telling off but used his better judgement to still award the pass.

Well done!

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