FIRST TIME car test pass for Imogen

Imogen Young took and passed her car driving test today at her FIRST TIME attempt.

Imogen started her driving journey a while ago and after a short break from driving, she took an intensive course with another driving school. Unfortunately, they didn't take Imogen to test after the full amount of training and so she took another break from driving.

On returning to driving, she decided to go with Mendip Training Centre and we could already see that her driving was up to a good standard. After a little polishing, Imogen's driving was looking pretty good and so we booked the test up for her.

Then disaster struck. November Lockdown!! No lessons for her. In addition to this disaster, the driving school car that Imogen was learning in was written off and so following the lockdown restrictions easing, Imogen would have to have gotten used to driving another car. This was no problem for her and she was up for the challenge.

Then the second disaster struck - SELF ISOLATING. Imogen was contacted by track and trace as a work colleague had tested positive for coronavirus (they have since recovered). This meant that Imogen had to self isolate and change her driving test appointment. The next test was in May 2021 which we decided was far too long to make her wait. We set Imogen up on the driving test cancellation finder and it found the 29th December at 9.17am. All set, we went for a practice drive on Sunday. This was the first time that Imogen had driven the new car. All was looking good but the parallel park was a little bit too rusty.

We made plans to go over the parallel park before the test and made arrangements for pick up time.

It was dark when we set off and Imogen had not driven in the dark before. This was a great skill to teach on the way in to the driving test and she coped remarkably well. Even though her thoughts were still negative about the driving test, Imogen did a near perfect parallel park in practice before her test and we even had time to go over the reversing into a parking bay and also the driving into a parking bay. Then the nerves really set in as we turned into the driving test centre. The park there was a little wobbly, but acceptable. So after an anti-bac wipe down, we went over to the main entrance of the test centre to be met by the driving examiner. Off they went.....

Around 40 minutes later, they returned having completed the driving test and to Imogen's surprise, she was told that she had passed! Just the news she needed after taking so much time out of driving and having such a miserable year in 2020. The mini is almost ready for collection so you will see Imogen driving round as soon as she has collected the car.

Well done for your achievement. Imogen

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