FIRST TIME car test pass for Louis

Louis Fox took and passed his driving test today at the FIRST TIME attempt. Although Louis should have taken his test a few weeks ago, DVSA cancelled it due to an examiner not being available at the last moment. They moved the test to March which we felt was a little harsh!!

Luckily, we were online on Tuesday and we noticed a test available for today (Saturday). After checking he was ok with the date, we booked the test and arranged for a little brush up drive on Friday.

The test was booked for 8am and so we arranged to meet at 6.50am. In the dark, Louis showed a good drive into Bristol and before we knew it, 7.50 was here and we were in the test centre all ready for the 8am test. Out came the examiner and off Louis went on his drive. 40 odd minutes later, they returned with the good news of a driving test pass. The paperwork was done and Louis was given his blue pass certificate.

As the examiner got out, he told us that we should check the front of the car for blood and feathers as Louis had mutilated a pidgeon during the drive. This was the right thing to do as stopping could have caused a collision. No blood and no feathers so home we came.

Well done Louis.

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