FIRST TIME car to artic Pass for Sam Webb

Sam Webb, the son of the family business, Webb Transport, took and passed his artic, class C+E at the FIRST TIME attempt today.

Sam came to Truck School wanting his artic licence although he only held a car licence.

We are not putting people straight into the artic even though the law allows. So Sam did a short course on the class 2 and while he was doing that, he also took his Mod 4 CPC. Sam did not take the class 2 test but the training set him up nicely for the class 1 training.

After passing the reverse manoeuvres test, it was just the driving that he needed to master. Sam drove so nicely that he made the trainer's job so easy. The trainer asked and Sam did what he was asked. It is so nice when we get candidates who listen!

So Sam listened so nicely that the examiner could not fault him at all during the drive. A completely faultless drive and now Sam has his class 1 licence ready to drive for the family business. I'm told he even has a truck waiting for him.

Well done and best of luck in your new career.

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