FIRST TIME class 1 test pass

Gary Browne passed his class 2 test with Truck School a fair few years ago. With the increase in salaries, Gary has decided that now is the time to upgrade to class 1.

Gary started his training and to be fair to him, he found the reverse quite tricky. Duncan, our artic trainer put lots of time into helping Gary get the revers nailed as well as the driving part.

In todays test, Gary literally inched his way into the reverse bay. He took it bit by bit and slowly but steadily made his way up to the barrier, where he stopped. The un couple and re coupling exercise was executed and so onto the drive he went.

Gary returned and as he only gained 2 driver faults during the test, the examiner issued him with a pass certificate. He is one of the first drivers to get the new A5 size certificates.

Well done.

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