FIRST TIME class 1 test pass

Conor Barton is the most recent driver to qualify with his class 1 test pass today.

Conor chose our accelerated course, which means he went straight through to the class 1 test without first passing the class 2 test.

At Truck School, we do not feel it is safe to put people straight into the artic, so we still do the class 2 course but don't go to test in that. Drivers then naturally progress up to the class 1 vehicle.

Conor's day one was cancelled though as he was affected by the strong winds in the February storms, so he ended up missing that one day of training.

After he passed his mod 4 CPC with the rigid lorry, it was off for some more driving before finishing that course and returning a week later for the artic training.

Conor passed the reverse and uncoupling manoeuvres test and this took him nicely on to the driving test the following day.

The examiner saw such a good drive that he could only find one driving fault with Conor's driving so he handed over the test pass certificate.

Well done Conor.

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