FIRST TIME class 1 test pass for Dan

Dan Osborne came to Truck School a few years ago to complete his class 2 training and test. Since then, he has been doing this and that but the opportunity came up for him to drive a recovery lorry, which means he will be needing his C+E licence.

So Dan came in for his day 1 of training and straight away, we could see that Dan would need very little training for the reverse and uncoupling. So we completed that test on day 1 for his so that it was just the driving to concentrate on.

By Dan's own admission, he is a little too over confident and we were expecting him to be too fast into situations or pushing through tight gaps. However, for the majority of the training, Dan was a very considerate driver and he took on board everything Duncan had to say about his driving.

On Test day, we asked Dan if he would mind swapping lorries as we had another test booked out. Dan had no issues with this and went off in the second artic unit that we have just started using. With an hour to go before his test, the lorry had a fault. What to do??? Well it is a good job that Dan is a mechanic. He got to work and fixed the lorry ready for him to start the test on time.

Just one driver fault recorded and a blue test pass certificate was handed over.

A great result and many thanks for sorting the lorry too!!

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