FIRST TIME Class 2 pass

Rob Fletcher took and passed his class 2 test at his FIRST TIME attempt with Mendip Training Centre and Truck School.

Rob's son, Kieran passed with us not so long ago and so it made sense for Rob to come to us too. He had already driven a lorry before and so it didn't take much to get Rob's driving up to standard. Rob listened well and took onboard the structural criticism about his driving weaknesses.

On the way in to the test, we were unfortunate to hit a pheasant. The bird flew out infront of us from a hedge and there was nothing that could be done. We pulled over when safe and had to take the bird from the lorry's front grille. Although the bird would not live to see another day, Rob was not put off by the ordeal and went into the test with a positive mind.

Rob went out on the drive and came back with a happy smile on his face and a blue test pass certificate in his hand.

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