FIRST TIME class 2 test pass

Ayan Hassan took and passed her class 2 driving test today after an intensive few days.

Ayan came to Truck School to help her gain the class 2 licence. She started in the auto Daf and even though she thought she would not be very good at reversing, that was the first test passed. We are accredited to deliver the reverse manoeuvres test at our site and she nailed that yesterday.

Today was a really early start as Ayan had her CPC mod 4 practical test at 8.10. After a few times walking around the lorry, she proved to the examiner that she knew her stuff and he awarded her with a CPC test pass certificate after gaining a full 100% score.

After some driving around the area making sure that she understood the multi lane roundabouts, Ayan attended the driving test this afternoon. She gained just 5 driver faults and a blue pass certificate. Well done to Ayan for putting the effort in and listening well to instructions and advice.

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