FIRST TIME Class 2 test pass

Ellena turned 18 in April and she made sure DVLA had her medical form so they could process the provisional licence. They sent it back within a week and so it was straight onto the theory tests. Ellena revised and revised for 2 weeks and managed to score a whopping 97% on the multiple choice questions.

So on to the driving..... We completed the Mod 4 CPC and she passed that with the full 100% score. Then the reversing test and on to the driving test which was today.

We arrived at 8am for the 8.10 test in Bristol Kingswood. She was asked the show and tell questions and then off she went for the hour long drive. Ellena returned after only gaining three driver faults and was duly given her test pass certificate.

Now onto the job hunting.

Good luck for the future.

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