FIRST TIME class 2 test pass for Michael

Michael Ching came to Truck School as an ex bus/coach driver. You'd think that he would be very confident in driving a lorry and to an extent, he was.

The thing that was making Michael anxious was the test itself. The last test he took was in 1991, when he took his bus test. Back then, the examiners were very stern and acted very much like robots. Everyone had the opinion that they were there to fail you and that was that.

Things are very different now. The examiners are friendly and approachable. Especially the team of examiners at the Kingswood test centre. So Michael was put at ease straight away.

There really was no need for him to be nervous. The examiner could only find 2 little driving faults through the test and so he handed over a blue test pass certificate.

Well done Michael.

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