FIRST TIME driving test pass for Lucas

Well done to Lucas Purnell who took and passed his driving test this week despite a few cancellations by DVSA.

We had a test booked for Lucas for this Friday at 7.13am... We did not think that would go ahead as it would more than likely be dark for the test but we stuck by it. On Monday, we received an email saying it would now be 15.45 on the same day. With a little diary juggling, we managed to sort it so that we were available to take Lucas in.

We picked Lucas up and went through the show tell questions to ensure these were fresh in his mind. Just before setting off we thought we would double check the test time. On logging into the booking system, we found that DVSA had moved it AGAIN.... Luckily it was only a delay of one day and so we did not go into Bristol but arranged a pick up time for the following day.

Lucas was more than nervous for the test on Saturday. He was driving a little too quickly and we reminded him of the importance of keeping the drive safe for the test and also after the test.

Lucas did manage to keep it together and he passed the test on his FIRST TIME attempt and gained just 3 driver faults. A truly good drive and a fab result.

Well done

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