FIRST TIME for Mason

Mason Thomas, who works with Tinknell Fuels in Wells took and passed his class 2 driving test today at the FIRST TIME attempt. He also took his Mod 4 CPC straight after the drive and he passed that one too, again at the FIRST TIME attempt.

Mason should have done his course a few months ago but he had to have some surgery on his hand, so could not attend. We pushed the training back and he started last week. From day 1, it was clear that Mason was a natural. We asked and he just did it... He was an absolute breeze and pleasure to teach.

His confidence showed through clearly today as he returned from the hour long drive having committed no driving faults at all.. It was what we call, a 'clean sheet'.

We were planning on leaving the test centre and returning a couple of hours later for the Mod 4 CPC but the examiner had time straight after the drive and so he was kind enough to deliver that test early. With some really good comments about his 'thorough answers', the examiner passed Mason with the full 100% score.

So with his CPC in hand and his blue driving test pass, Mason is all ready for fuel deliveries tomorrow!

Well done Mason,

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