FIRST TIME pass for Bradley Freeman

Huge congratulations to Bradley Freeman who took and passed his class 2 test today.

Bradley came to Truck School on Thursday of last week and on his first day of training, he was finding the gears a little tricky. Over revving and over use of the clutch left us thinking he was going to be in for a hard week of training. However, he soon got the hang of things and learnt to relax and plan to get the speed right and the gear selected at the right time.

Bradley took and passed his CPC mod 4 before going in for his driving test and this also helped put him at ease for going into the driving test.

An hour and a bit later, Bradley returned to the test centre with a CPC pass certificate and also a HGV class 2 (Cat C) driving test pass certificate.

A great double FIRST TIME pass for Truck School.

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