FIRST TIME pass for Idriss

Idriss Ahmed is a taxi driver who wanted his HGV licence. He had already passed his theory, hazard perception and cpc case studies tests prior to getting in touch with us. Idriss followed our truck one day to get hold of one of the trainers to enquire into our availability. He was passed onto the offie and we came up with some suitable dates.

Idriss took and passed his CPC mod 4 during his 4 days of training and he passed this with 100% score and it was, of course, his FIRST TIME attempt.

Then onto the reverse test, which we are accredited to deliver ourselves. Idriss passed this test, impressing the accredited examiner with the reversing skills.

So today it was the time for the training to end as he took the final assessment at the driving test centre in Kingswood, Bristol. Idriss passed his driving test at the FIRST TIME attempt and can now extend his driving repertoire from taxis to HGV Class 2 lorries.

Well done Idriss. Hopefully we will see you soon for the class 1....

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