FIRST TIME pass for John Smisson

John Smisson came to Truck School to enquire about taking his HGV tests almost 2 years ago!!

After lots of deliberating, he decided to go ahead and start the process but with COVID and other things going on last year, he paused his progress through and this lengthened the amount of time he was on our training books.

However, last week saw the start of John's training and he completed day 1 and 2 with relative ease. Lots of listening and unfortunate weight limit signs missed but that is all part of the learning curve.

Monday saw John attend his driver CPC practical test and he passed that with full 100% score. Just the practical drive to sort and that was today's task. Well it wasn't plain sailing but it did result in a FIRST TIME pass so that is all that matters. Lots of lessons learnt throughout this process and that will make John a better driver in the longrun.

Well done!

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