FIRST TIME test pass for Bradley

We have taught Brad's step dad in the lorries and so it was great to hear from him to book his step son in for driving lessons when he turned 17. We arranged for Brads theory test to happen on his 17th birthday and he also had a driving lesson booked for the same day.

Unfortunately, Brad did not pass that theory test and so it was pointless in setting out to do an intensive course until he had passed.

We were happy when we had the message come through that Brad had passed his theory and so we booked him a practical test and put him on the cancellation finder app.

A date came through and we were on it to get sessions in to prepare Brad for his test. The test was in TROWBRIDGE though and our instructor has not been to Trowbridge since the test centre closed down over 10 years ago.. They now operate out of the community centre and our instructor had never been there. However, from previous experience, we trained on roads they used to use in the hope that not much had changed.

Test day arrived and we got to the community centre. Off he went, only to return 40 mins later with a blue test pass certificate.

Well done Brad. Only 10 hours of tuition and a FIRST TIME test pass. Well done!!

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