FIRST TIME test pass for Rob

Rob Nemeth came nervously to Truck School having been let down by an HGV training agency. There are several training agencies in the UK, who operate by taking substantial amounts of money from unsuspecting candidates who know no better. They are very good at their sales pitch and then they don't always follow through with the same level of customer service.

When Rob realised things weren't going as planned, he requested a refund and had a real fight on his hands to get his money back. SO you can imagine that he was not that confident in parting with his money again. However, we decided that we would meet in person to show Rob that we weren't an agency and that we actually had training vehicles. Rob decided he was in and he was duly booked in.

The very next day, Boris announced the lockdown and so Rob's training and test were off!!! Without hesitation, we offered Rob a refund and he took the opportunity to get his money back. We felt it was the only decent thing to do following his bad experience before.

Then came the announcement a few months later that the lockdown would be eased in a set out road map. Tests were going to go ahead as of the 12th April and so we got in touch with Rob to see if he still wanted to train. He was booked in and training was arranged.

Rob started his training on Thursday. He trained on Friday and then Monday, all ready for today being his driving test. He was able to shine in the sun and showed the examiner all that he had learnt. He managed to pass today at his FIRST TIME attempt with just 3 driver faults. Great result.

Well worth the wait, even though it was a frustrating wait. Good luck with your new HGV licence.

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