FIRST TIME test pass for Sammy Cowling

Sammy came to us to complete her class 2 training a couple of months ago.

She returned not only to do her class 1 but also to do her mod 4 CPC with us too.

He training started on Thursday of last week and as Sammy works in the agricultural industry, she took to the artic quite well.. Monday came along and in for the mod 4 CPC she went, only to find that the booking had been cancelled by DVSA just that morning due to the examiner not being available. Luckily, we were able to get Sammy in for a Mod 4 test the following morning and so in to test she went.... Out of the test she came with a pink certificate and 100% score.

Next was the practical driving test. Again, this was no issue for Sammy. She breezed the test gaining just 2 driving faults throughout the entire test. Certainly good news there!

Well done Sammy. Enjoy the licence and what it may bring along with it.

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