James grabs a FIRST TIME pass

Despite his nerves, James Hardwell took and passed his 3A reversing test, his mod 4 CPC AND his 3B driving test all on the FIRST TIME attempt.

James works for Chappel and Jenkins and they put him forwards for his class 2 training so he can upgrade from driving their vans to driving a class 2 lorry.

James did really well throughout the training but come test day, he was a bag of nerves. James managed to overcome the nerves and although he needed to shunt forwards during the reverse exercise, he still passed that with ease. He gained a full 100% score on his CPC module 4 practical demonstration test and so all that was left was the practical driving.

No need to worry. An hour drive around Bristol and he was the owner of a blue test pass certificate and a new HGV licence will be coming through the post.

Good luck in your driving career James.

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