Karl passes his class 2

Well done to Karl Lovell who took and passed his class 2 test today with Truck School.

Karl had already completed his Mod 4 CPC with Truck School and passed that test with a full 100% mark. The driving test proved a little trickier to get right though.

After his unsuccessful attempt at the test, we were able to get a retest for a Saturday, which worked really well for Karl. But... his trainer was away for the weekend. So Karl was offered to go to test in a different truck. He agreed and so the booking was finalised.

After a couple of reverse practices, off to test we went. The trainer noticed a small problem with his speed on approach to junctions and roundabouts so a little work was needed on that. Soon, the test time arrived and so into the test centre we went.

Karl completed the reverse with ease and so just had to prove his worth on the driving. Karl returned to the test centre having gained just 2 driver faults and so he was issued a test pass certificate.

One happy driver and on Monday, he will be negotiating a new contract as a driver of a class 2 vehicle.

Well done indeed.

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