Kathryn Cockle passes her car driving test.

Huge congratulations to Kathryn Cockle who passed her car driving test today. Kathryn started learning to drive a while ago during the lockdown and as she couldn't drive with a driving instructor, her mum stood in and taught her the basics. When a slot became available, we met Kathryn and it became clear that her mum had done much much more than just the basics.

Kathryn was at a very good standard of driving but with some bad habits and some myths to sort out. Gone are the days of 10-2 on the steering wheel. Of course, we all feel 10-2 is safer, it is not imperative to maintain during the driving test. Crossing your hands on the the steering wheel is not an automatic fail. So after a few sessions putting right these myths, Kathryn was more than ready for her driving test.

Today was the day and as Kathryn started her learning in her own car, we decided to keep the driving the same and so attended the test today in her own car. We turned up for the test and the sun was shining and the examiner came out to meet Kathryn. After a licence check, it was off on the drive. Around 35 mins later, she returned to the test centre with a driving test pass certificate in her hand. A fantastic drive whilst Kathryn kept her cool, gaining just a handful of faults.

Well done and we wish you safe driving in the future.

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